Our work has been featured in many markets throughout the U.S. We’ve created impactful, custom jingles for many different industries.

    The DSV Jingle Sales Program has been used in: Seattle, Denver, Orlando, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Columbus, Chattanooga, Toledo, Anchorage, and New York.

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    The DSV JIngle Sales Program is an effective tool for generating sales from, both, new and existing advertisers. This is achieved by the station offering clients amazing jingle packages in exchange for an ad-buy commitment.

    Our sales program feature the following:

    • Onsite branding consultation with advertisers
    • One-on-one consulting sessions
    • Assistance in closing sales for your team
    • 100% original jingle packages
    • New, modern sound for each customer - no recycled material
    • Limitless edits/cuts from selected jingle
    • Customer-directed creative
    jingles for commercials - how much do jingles cost?


    Studies show that 70% of all purchase decisions are emotionally based. Studies also show that music has a significant impact on emotions - making jingles an obvious choice


    Jingles are retained by our memory very quickly. They have a 10-to-1 advantage over announcers. That means traditional ads have to be aired 10 times more than an ad with a jingle - now that's power!


    There's a lot of competition out there; you have 5 seconds or less to make an impact with any type of advertising. Jingles are masterful in making the most of these precious seconds

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