Powerful and captivating Jingles - perfect for TV, Radio, YouTube, Corp Videos, Homepages, Phone Messages and more


    Studies show that 70% of all purchase decisions are emotionally based. Studies also show that music has a significant impact on emotions - making jingles an obvious choice


    Jingles are retained by our memory very quickly. They have a 10-to-1 advantage over announcers. That means traditional ads have to be aired 10 times more than an ad with a jingle - now that's power!


    There's a lot of competition out there; you have 5 seconds or less to make an impact with any type of advertising. Jingles are masterful in making the most of these precious seconds

    Whether you're launching your first ad campaign or building on existing branding, jingles are invaluable in reaching your audience.

    DSV commercial music has more impact because they're completely original, effective and affordable. Know that we back our work.

    Over the last 15 years we've written and produced jingles for virtually every industry - for both large and small companies.

    Our years of jingle production experience has taught us that music alone is not the key to a successful project. True success is predicated on merging great musicianship with marketing know-how. And that's exactly why we are the jingle company you want and need.

    jingles for commercials - how much do jingles cost?

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