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As a small business, a large portion of your marketing efforts will be focused on moving your company’s name past the ‘security-check’ of consumer apathy or resistance. However, many businesses feel that a long, drawn-out story is the key to entry. In reality, gaining access to your customer is really about having the proper identification – a quick, concise means whereby the audience can connect with your brand.

Remember this important tip: if your goal is to win an audience over, you must first establish your identity before doing so. It’s similar to air travel; if you want your plane ticket to get you to your destination, you’ve got to get through security first.

marketing tips for small business

So as you ready your business for takeoff, consider carrying these small, yet powerful forms of ID:

1. Tagline: Some business owners balk at the prospect of having a slogan or tagline – they shouldn’t. Taglines are neat little phrases that can encapsulate your brand and image. If clever enough, they can become the very thing that consumers can associate with your business.  For example, what marketer uses the slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It”? Think about this phrasing for a moment; it’s only three words, yet it promotes the marketer’s agenda and it’s memorable. I purposefully omitted the name of this institution in order to prove that taglines work. You know who the company is, right? So don’t discount the impact of this form of identification.

2. Logo: Studies have shown that we are exposed to several thousand marketing messages every single day. If yours is one of them, how do you establish separation? Start with your visuals – specifically, your logo.  Take time to observe the most recognizable logos out there; they are incredibly simple, easy to make out from a distance and are usually comprised of no more than four colors (for the designers out there, no feathering or gradients).

3. Jingle: I’ve had clients tell me that jingles are cheesy, hokey and even unnecessary. If that is true, why would multi-billion dollar companies use them to market their products and brands ($5 Footlongs, anyone)? The answer is simple – jingles work. In fact, studies have shown that jingles are a prime way to quickly command attention. Studies have also shown that they are ten times more effective than spoken-word alone. Also, it has been demonstrated that jingles curtail channel surfing – a huge plus, seeing that many marketers are now at the mercy of a DVR skip-button and hundreds of channel options which may draw people away from your ads.

Maybe it's time for a jingle - a powerful way to keep your name in the mind of customers. DSV Media makes jingles and we're ready to help you. The best part is we’ve been a trusted business resource for years.

We’ve created scores of jingles for all types of small businesses all over the country. We’ve been featured on Fox Business, partnered with Google, and have worked with many recognizable brands: Entenmann’s, DirecTV, CBS TV, and others.

Contact us a call and we’ll walk you through how it’s done, the cost, and expectations.

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